Benjamin Huseby exhibits at Curator Space

 Date:13/05/2005 - 29/05/2005
 Type:Culture, Photography
 Location:England, London

Despite being separated by 50 years in age the photographic work of Will McBride and Benjamin Alexander Huseby is remarkably similar in its approach to the perennial themes of youth and adolescence

Will McBride, now in his mid 70's is a legend. Being a very prolific cult exponent of creative photo-reportage, photographing for Life, Paris-Match, Stern and the star of the magazine TWEN that represented better than any publication the young generation of the 60's and beyond.

To some however Mcbride might be best known as the photographer behind “Show Me!” (or “Zeig Mal!” in its original German) - the sexual education book for children that caused great controversy and persecution in the 70s when first published. He is still furiously creating in his Berlin studio. Photographing, painting, sketching and sculpting. Youth still figures heavily in his work as a representation of the one reccurrent principle of hope.

Benjamin Alexander Huseby (26) studied at Chelsea College of Art and The Royal Academy of Fine Art in Oslo. Most recently Huseby has exhibited at Kling&Bang in Reykjavik and a solo exhibition at KunstWerke in Berlin.

He uses both own and found photographs to create installations and collages that often plays with the misinterpretations and narratives that occur when images are seen together, rather than working with individual photographs.  Like McBride, he has also been published widely in a more editorial context in magazines such as Dazed&Confused, Another Magazine, Vogue and 032c. Originally from Norway he is currently based in London.

The exhibition is curated by Emma Reeves

Benjamin Huseby exhibits at Curator Space

13 - 29 May
Open Monday to Friday by appointment. Saturday and Sunday 12-5.

Curator Space
47 Great Eastern Street
London EC2A 3HP

Enquiries: Beluah Davies at Waugh Thistleton on 0207 613 5727

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