Ethical jewellery launched in London

Norwegian / Scottish jewellery company Oria, London’s first ethical jewellery designers, has launched their fair trade gold jewellery collections.

Oria was formed in 2007 by Scottish Tania Kowalski and Norwegian Synnøve Sælthun. Having worked within the jewellery industry for a combined 25 years, they have become increasingly concerned with the environmental and social impact of mining and production within the industry, and with the lack of transparency within the supply chain. They created Oria to put their concerns into practice.

Oria is London’s first designer owned ethical jewellery company which combines high-end fine jewellery design and production with a commitment to carefully sourcing materials from only those suppliers that adhere to ethical, social and environmental practices.

Two stunning ranges, Bibbi and Nina, has been launched and produced from fairly traded gold and a dazzling array of ethically sourced gemstones and beads.

The Bibbi collection, with its natural beauty, is named after Synnøve’s sister. Its subtle and delicate forms echo the magic of the Norwegian woods. They are as gentle and feminine as Bibbi herself.

The Nina collection reflects the bold and beautiful personality of Tania’s sister Nina. Its design is based on the Chinese phoenix, a mythical bird of fire, so gentle that it crushes nothing, signifying honesty, justice and high moral values.

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A ring from the Nina collection.

Earrings from the Bibbi collection.

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