Risky architecture...

Did you think that security and stability alone can explain Scandinavian prosperity? The architectural exhibition, Oslo Triennale, gave a different answer: the will to run a risk is essential for innovation in Norway.

'Culture of RISK' was the main exhibition during the Oslo Triennale. The Triennale took the subject seriously and featured a week long programme where risk as a factor for innovation was in the spotlight. New architectural visions and cutting-edge engineering, secret stories behind oil platforms and technology developed to launch missile rockets are some examples of what the audience experienced at the Triennale.

Vesterelve bridge. Photo: Griff kommunikasjon.

The Oslo Triennale showed that there is a will, and always has been a will, in Norway to run risks. A history of polar expeditions, engagement for political independence and courage to investigate opportunities within the oil sector illustrated that Norway dares to investigate the unheard of.

Oslo Triennale took place in Oslo from 27 September - 5 October, and was the third in a series of international architectural triennales arranged by the National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL).

Troll oli platform. Photo: Dag Myrestrand.

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