Norwegian Design Council (NDC)

NDC was established in 1963 by the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry and the Norwegian Trade Council to promote design as a competitive tool in market-oriented product development and market communication. The council is mainly funded by the Norwegian Department of Trade and Industry. Additional sources of income are consultancy services and design related projects.

NDC offers advice and support on design issues to Norwegian companies. Other services include designer referrals from a database of 250 designers as well as seminars and lectures on design. The Council's consultants have wide experience in design management and business development.

Important co-operative agreement
NDC has an agreement with the Norwegian Industrial and Development Fund (SND) to promote design as a competitive tool through all regional SND offices. SND provides financial support to viable commercial enterprise projects in all parts of Norway. The agreement paves the way for companies throughout Norway to gain access to design and product development support.

Design is profitable
International competition and customers' expectations for quality, ease of use and attractive appearance, emphasise the significance and impact of design when products are developed and profiled. Currently, only one in four Norwegian companies use design in product development, and therefore the Minister of Trade and Industry encourage companies to use design actively and strategically. Strategic use of design has become a necessity in the face of increased international competition.

Design Awards
One of the NDC's main promotional activities is the annual Award for Design Excellence and the Honours Award for Design Excellence given to products and corporate identity programmes. Other awards include the International Design Award, Classic Award for Design Excellence and the Young Talent Award.

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