Designs at 100% Norway

A wide range of new and innovative products designed in Norway will be showcased in Brick Lane during the 100% Norway exhibition. Here are just a few tasters of what you can expect to see in September.

Cilia by Cathrine Maske. Produced by Magnor Glassverk

Alta bike by Frost Produkt, Norway Says and Bleed

Copper vases by Stokke Austad

HAIR, glassware by Tanja Sæter (Photo: Linus Hallgren)

Coat stand by Hive

Bowl by Johan Verde. Produced by Magnor Glassverk

Moose-mat by Frost Produkt

Rake hook, coat hanger by Hive

Vases by Anne Haavind

Egg by Figgjo

Carpets by Ege with bespoke 100% Norway design by Snøhetta and Skin Design. (Not as depicted. Photo from Løvetann house in Fredrikstad, Norway: Ege carpet with wooden flooring effect)

Kitchenware by Johan Verde

Desklamp by StokkeAustad

Asono Mica MP3 player by Norway Says. Manufactured by Asono

Official post box for Posten Norge, designed by Frost Produkt

Greenseat by Gerilja Works

1+1 shelves by Johan Ørbeck Aase

Book Seat by Alexander Hellum

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