Introducing ’Skrei’, the Norwegian miracle

The Northeast Arctic Cod ‘Skrei’ has been launched in the UK, with the help of Pascal Proyart, the Executive Chef of renowned seafood restaurant One-O-One in London, and the Norwegian Seafood Export Council. ‘Skrei’ is a name used for the Arctic Cod when the fish is mature (ready to spawn).

The word ‘skrei’ comes from Old Norse meaning ‘wanderer’. Each year between January and April the Skrei, some of them up to almost two meters long, located in the deep ice-cold, crystal-clear ocean, swim on their annual migration from their hunting grounds of the Barents Sea to the sole spawning grounds around the Lofoten Islands on the coast of northern Norway. Skrei is one of the most important species of fish along the Norwegian coast, representing a livelihood for coastal dwellers since time immemorial. The sustainable exploitation of these important natural resources is vital for Norway and on a global basis in a world where fish is a scarce resource.

As the Skrei migrate a long distance, in clean and cold waters, the muscles of this Arctic Cod become strong and firm. Therefore, the texture of the Skrei is very firm and the colour of the flesh is particularly white. During the time when the Northeast Arctic Cod is considered to be a Skrei, it has the best and biggest roe and liver, as it stores a lot of energy in the liver for the purpose of spawning.

French gourmets in particular are beginning to discover this wonderful fish as something exclusive and tasty. They have even set up their own ‘Club du Skrei de Norvège’. Its mild and delicate flesh makes the Skrei a remarkable fish that is well-suited to countless preparation methods. The liver and roe alone are considered delicacies.

Pascal Proyart, who was one of the first chefs in the UK to introduce Norwegian King Crab, is helping to increase awareness of Norway’s sustainable seafood products both across the UK and abroad. The One-O-One menu is heavily influenced by Norwegian seafood, and the most recent addition to the menu is Norwegian Skrei. Skrei will be on the menu until the beginning of May.

Photo: Eiliv Leren / Seafood from Norway


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Seafood from Norway increase interest and awareness of Norwegian Seafood around the world.Photo:  

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