McSalmon, please!

Norwegian salmon was making its debut as a fast food wrap when a new addition to McDonald’s menu in Norway was launched early in August this year.

Marine Harvest, one of the world’s leading sea food companies, has in collaboration with Gastronomic Institute in Norway developed the new fish product based on a fresh salmon filet from the Hitra island for McDonald’s.

So far the wrap is only available on the Norwegian market. The aim is however to go global and get the Norwegian salmon into all McDonald’s 31 000 locations around the world.  If the salmon wrap hits the magic number of 200 million NOK within the first year, the wrap may be ready for a launch abroad in short time.

”Marine Harvest is the world’s biggest company on salmon. If we want to stay there, we have to approach the most challenging customers such as Mc Donald’s. The fast food industry is growing and the use of fish is too. Now, we could combine two rising trends and reach broader consumer groups –such as children and young people”, says Marine Harvest’s communication director Arne Hjeltnes to the business paper Dagens Næringsliv.

Marine Harvest is a Norwegian company with a global outlook. It is based in 20 countries and produces one third of the world’s farm-raised salmon and trout.

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The new salmon wrap.Photo: With courtesy to Marine Harvest and Mc Donald’s

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