Anglo-Norwegian Energy Conference in Oslo

The third Anglo-Norwegian Energy Conference was held in Oslo on 27-28 November. This is the Chair of the steering committee’s introduction to the conference.

09/12/2003 ::

Dear energy colleague,

At this Third Anglo-Norwegian Energy Conference the focus will be put on maturity and natural gas. These are the two main challenges and business opportunities facing our two countries at present. The UK is considerably more mature than Norway and the two countries can therefore benefit from a transfer of knowledge and an exchange of experiences.

In the gas sector there are similar opportunities for mutual benefits. The UK’s import gap is increasing and the UK will need to import huge volumes of new gas. The world’s largest companies are taking part in the battle for the UK market. Both governments are setting the scene in a cooperative spirit – which is needed in both areas.

Furthermore, we will benefit from Mr Claude Mandil presenting Future capital requirements to develop the North Sea. He will draw on the recent IEA-study published only days prior to the conference.

This conference promises not only to leave you well informed and enable you to understand the complexities of North Sea gas but will also provide an outstanding array of networking opportunities that will facilitate future dealings and investment opportunities in this exciting region.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this exciting two day energy conference in Oslo!

Yours sincerely

Tore I Sandvold
Chair of the steering committee

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