Norway looks to biotech as oil runs out

One group of Norwegians in particular could be celebrating the dawn of a new age - the country's hitherto unsung biotech pioneers who at last seem to be getting recognition and, more importantly, the promise of state funding

14/07/2005 :: The year 2005 sees the 100th anniversary of Norway's independence. Major celebrations are planned at the beginning of June 2005 as the famous midnight sun period starts to change the mood of the country.

The article 'Biotech Focus' by Richard Hayhurst first appeared in Drug Discovery Today, Volume 10, Number 6 - March 2005. It is available for download in pdf format here.










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Actinomycete bacteria from the Trondheim fjord. These bacteria might provide new antibiotics to fight bacterial and fungal infectionsPhoto: courtesy of Sergey Zotchev

The Radium Hospital is a world-renowned centre of excellence for oncology treatment and research. Several biotech companies originate from the hospital, including Dynal and PhotoCure