Norway’s Global Energy Advantage

Norway is the world’s fifth largest hydropower producer and the only industrialized nation able to meet its domestic power demand almost exclusively through hydropower.

Norway was one of the first countries in the world to operate in the free energy market. It became a pioneer in renewable energy after more than a century of research, and founded the world’s first, largest and leading power stock exchange, Nord Pool.

As more and more developed countries around the world seek to meet their environmental energy targets, and more and more developing countries need the cheapest available methods of energy production, Norwegian expertise is fast becoming an invaluable – and eminently exportable – commodity.

Photo: Statkraft

Norway’s leading energy companies are experiencing demand like never before. Norway’s coastal position and small population give it a natural advantage, but the efficiency with which it has manipulated those qualities cannot be underestimated. From Uganda to Japan – the poorest to the richest – Norway has access to a global energy market that is as hungry for ideas and solutions as it are for technology.

Norway is currently the second largest producer of renewable energy in Europe.
Statkraft is a state-owned company committed to using its knowledge in emerging overseas markets.

Photo: Statkraft.

Statkraft is at work in the Balkan region, with an office in Serbia and further projects in Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia. The common theme – Norway’s historical competence and leadership in the production of cheap, renewable fuels – once again appears prominently in their consultancy work abroad.

“There is no doubt that the industrialization of Norway has been through the heavy power industries. It is true that petroleum is very important today, but Norway also has very rich hydropower and wind resources. Our long coast provides many resources,” says Statkraft’s European Director, Oluf Ulseth.

Photo: Statkraft.
Ulseth points out that Statkraft has invested heavily in research that puts it at the cutting edge of environmentally conscious energy technology. This gives the company an advantage in the Balkan region, where its experience has put it ahead of its rivals as the most attractive proposition for regional authorities.

Photo: Solberg Production / StatoilHydro.

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