Date:  14 November 2007 23:00 - 21 November 2007 23:00
Location: London
Category:  Performing Arts

Norwegian choreographer with two London shows

London-based Norwegian choreographer Maria Korsnes’ performance ‘Human Eco’ will be shown at two locations in London in connection with its participation at Spanish dance competition Masdanze.

‘Human Eco’ performance was first shown at dance festival Resolutions! 2007 in London and has since been selected to take part in Masdanze, which is held in Gran Canaria in Spain. Only 10 - 12 choreographers from all over the world are invited to enter the competition every year.

Maria Korsnes works with experimental contemporary dance and has been living in London since 2003. She was born in Namsos, Norway, and is now a full-time employee at Trinity Laban, one of the world’s leading institutes for contemporary dance training. Korsnes has worked as a professional dancer and teacher in England, USA and Norway, and in 2005 she created her own company KORSNESkompani, after completing her Master degree in Choreography at Laban.

KORSNESkompani’s latest work ‘Human Echo’ takes inspiration from Korsnes’ native country through landscape and photography. “As an artist I see the dance as a build up of colour, debt and contrasts. My work deals with how I perceive movement in time and space, where the atmosphere is as important as the visual.” 

‘Human Eco’ has been created for three female dancers (Katja Nyqvist, Annarita Mazzilli, and Sylvia dos Santos Ferreira) and is a collaboration with lighting designer Gregor Knüppel and sound technician Rob Colquhoun.   ¨

'Human Eco'

Blue Elephant Theatre
London, UK
15 – 17 November, 2007

Laban, Studio Theatre
London, UK
22 November, 2007

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