Date:  01 August 2012 18:00 - 27 August 2012 23:00
Category:  Performance

Don Quixote! Don Quixote! at Edinburgh Festival

Panta Rei Theatre Collective (Awardees of the Charlie Hartill Special Reserve) and The Pleasance Theatre Trust present the Edinburgh fringe preview of "Don Quixote! Don Quixote!" The play will run at The Pleasance Dome, Jack Dome from 1 August until 27 August.

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza pitch up in a cemetery only to bump into the cynical gravediggers from Hamlet. As death surrounds them, all four begin to lose their grip on reality and are only brought back from the stuff of nightmares by their faithful steeds, Donkey and the eponymous Rocinante... Slowly, inevitably, a vision of Hell takes hold of your senses - eyes and ears assaulted and the chill biting. With Spanish mixed into the English dialogue’, the cast of seven take you into a fantastical journey into the grotesque, surreal, poetic and nightmarish world of Don Quixote de la Mancha.

Don Quixote! Don Quixote! is an adaptation of the sold-out site-specific promenade performance Rocinante! Rocinante! Breaking the rules of logic and rationality Panta Rei Theatre invites you into their quirky and outlandish world of entrancing imagery, bizarre characters and magical encounters. 

Don Quixote! Don Quixote!
1 - 27 August, 5.25 PM
The Pleasance Dome, Jack Dome

60 Pleasance

Tickets: £9 - £10

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