Date:  14 August 2012 19:00 - 27 August 2012 23:00
Category:  Performance

Artem Kretov presents Hunger by Knut Hamsun

Independent Russian artist Artem Kretov presents an English premier of an outstanding solo play ‘Hunger’ based on the Nobel prized Knut Hamsun novel to the largest theatre festival Edinburgh Fringe 2012.

Directed by Andrey Vasiliev internationally acclaimed highly talented play writer, the dramatic and humorous mesmerizing and deeply philosophical play ‘Hunger’ is based on the same name novel of the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun and combines traditions of Russian Classic and Contemporary Theatre.

‘Hunger’ reveals the drama of an impoverished unrecognized young artist wondering around the city of Christiania. Unwilling to pursue a commercial path he is condemned to starvation in a wealthy greedy metropolis. His physical and mental decay is pictured in a series of encounters, some funny and extravagant, others full of despair and pain.

In the play Artem attempts to explain why so many people leave their profession and achieve no success in the early stage of life. Artem`s message is: If you are educated, talented and passionate about being an artist, a composer a writer or an actor, don't give up! Don't let go of your dreams! Get back to your old notes, scores, sketches, unfinished books. You are a human being, a personality! Fight it. No-one stands in your way but you. Don’t ever become a clown of the system!

About Knut Hamsun:

Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920 Knut Hamsun was a Norwegian author, one of the most influential and innovative literary stylists of the past hundred years. He pioneered psychological literature looking into the interior monologue and self-consciousness of his characters.  Writers like Kafka, Hesse, Zweig and Hemingway were influenced by Hamsun’s works. His novel Hunger reflects on the irrationality of the human mind in an intriguing and sometimes humorous way.

14 – 27 August, 7.10pm (75min)
Paradise Studio

St Augustine’s (Venue 152)
George IV Bridge
Edinburgh EH1 1EL

Tickets:  £10, £8 – students/senior

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