Date: 11 February 2010 19:30 - 20 March 2010 22:00
Location: Sheffield

'An Enemy of the People' in Sheffield

The Sheffield Theatre will show Ibsen's An Enemy of the People until 20 March

Henrik Ibsen’s searing play 'An Enemy of the People' runs at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield until 20 March.

Artistic Director Daniel Evans directs double Olivier Award-winner Antony Sher in this version by Christopher Hampton. Ibsen wrote the play 1882 in response to the public outcry against his play 'Ghosts', which at that time was considered scandalous. In 'Enemy of the People', Ibsen hits out in all directions, confronting all the power factions and the hypocritical and corrupt nature of the political system that the masses support. It is the story of one brave man's struggle to do the right thing and speak the truth in the face of extreme social intolerance.

The play is about Dr Thomas Stockmann and his brother Peter who lead the project of a new spa in their home town. The town has invested a large amount of money in the new baths and they are a source of local pride. When Dr Stockmann discovers that the water is contaminated and dangerous he is met with resistance from his brother, one of the leading figures in the town, who wants to take advantage of the rising number of tourists. As Dr Stockmann fights for his ideals the opposition against him escalates under the leadership of Peter.

11 February - 20 March 2010, 7.30pm
The Crucible
Sheffield Theatres,
55 Norfolk Street,
Sheffield, S1 1DA
Tickets: £1 - £19
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