Date:  16 August 2012 10:00 - 19 August 2012 23:00
Category:  Festival

Two Norwegian designers at Edinburgh Fashion Festival

Designer Aurora Passero and science artist Sissel Tolaas is taking part in the exhibition Syn/Aesthesia at Edinburgh Fashion Festival 16 – 19 August.

The Edinburgh International Fashion Festival presents a diverse program that includes catwalk shows, salon shows, exhibitions, talks, screenings, concerts, gala parties and workshops.

This addition to Edinburgh’s International Festivals will be a stimulating environment for some of the most respected and creative people from across the industry to share ideas with each other and the audience. For four days in August Summerhall will showcase fashion as an art form.

Aurora Passero
Aurora Passero’s work exists in the space between painting and sculpture. Embracing textile techniques like weaving, braiding and dying, Passero creates a new experimental form using materials such as nylon, rubber and acrylics. Transformed within the context of the space, the works become signifiers of a physical language where the contrasting textures open up new visual and tactile experiences.

Passero`s work is the result of a broad interest in social and cultural expressions found in popular and underground culture, art history, craft and other ethnological material.

Sissel Tolaas
Sissel Tolaas is a professional in-betweener. She was born in Norway, based in Berlin. She studied mathematics, chemical science, languages, and visual art at Oslo, Warsaw, Moscow, St Petersburg and Oxford Universities. Since 1990, Tolaas’ work has been concentrated on the topic of SMELL / SMELL & LANGUAGE COMMUNICATON within different sciences, fields of art & design and other disciplines.

Tolaas established the SMELL REsearchLab Berlin in January 2004, supported by IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.). Her research has won recognition through numerous national and international scholarships, honors, and prizes. Her projects and research have been presented in s several institutions such as: MOMA New York; MOMA San Francisco; Fondation Cartier, Paris; Museum of Modern Art Berlin; Tate Gallery, Liverpool; Venice Biennale of Art as well as Architecture; National Art Museum of China Beijing.

At Edinburgh Fashion Festival Sissel Tolaas is part of the exhibition Syn/Aesthesia together with designers such as Hussein Chalayan, Pam Hogg and photographer Jurgen Teller to name a few.  Tolaas will take part in two talks about her research.

Talk: Sissel Tolaas 16 August, 3pm

Panel Talk: The Fragility of Ideas 18 August, 1pm

Syn/Aesthesia with Sissel Tolaas and Aurora Passero
16 August – 6 September, 11am – 9pm
Edinburgh international Fashion Festival
Animal Hostpital (above Summerhall Bar)

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