Date:  10 July 2013 - 10 August 2013

This Bird Has Flown (ii) at Beaconsfield Gallery

This bird has flown (ii) is a season of politically charged films by Norwegian artist Bodil Furu - now on show at Beaconsfield Gallery in London. The films tackle environmental issues and the agenda of globalization with subtlety and through a variety of international locations, from China to the Arctic. They can be experienced at Beaconsfield until 10th August.

Bodil Furu is interested in the social and economic dynamics that bind communities together and tear them apart – the world over. The artist’s interest in the way existential questions surface in diverse circumstances leads her to interrogate subjects close to home (such as the future of Oslo’s Alna river) as well as to make intercontinental investigations into pollution and sustainability.
The five films showing at Beaconsfield over the summer take us from the remote islands of the Arctic Circle to urban China and chart the artist’s subversion of the tropes of Documentary video. The current season of films includes Den Gamle Kinoen, 2013, Opera, 2008, Misty Clouds, 2011, Alnaelva, 2012 and Fjell som Faller (Where Mountains Fall), 2012.

This Bird Has Flown (ii)

10th July – 10th August, 2013

Beaconsfield Gallery
22 Newport St, Vauxhall
London SE11 6AY

Wednesday – Saturday, 11am–5pm


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