Photo: Keith HammettPrime Minister Jens Stoltenberg met with Gordon Brown whilst in London. Photo: Keith Hammett

Norway’s PM and Foreign Minister in London

The Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre met with their UK counterparts and attended the Progressive Governance Conference in London on 19 February.

Bringing together prominent political leaders from across the world, this major governance gathering aimed to shape politics and set the direction for a new socio-economic settlement for our times. Following the financial crisis, politicians have been urged to rethink their approach to economic policy, and  for many the focus is now shifting towards delivering a new politics, one that is forward thinking and transformative and acknowledges the role of strategic public investment in our shared prosperity. The conference particularly looked at the following questions:

  • What can governments do domestically to promote long-term sustainable economic growth?
  • Which industries have growth potential and how can governments support their development?
  • Given the priority of tackling unemployment and fostering more and better jobs, what kinds of policies and institutional structures can deliver the best outcomes?
  • How can economic growth and job creation be encouraged in the context of the transition to a low-carbon economy?
  • What is the future for international cooperation and global governance after Copenhagen and the G20 Summits?

With this in mind, Prime Minister Stoltenberg spoke at the conference along with British PM Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband amongst others. He also participated in a panel discussion at the conference together with the prime ministers from Spain and Greece. Later, he had a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

In addition to the conference, Jonas Gahr Støre attended a meeting with  David Miliband, and also spoke at the Wilton Park conference on the High North where decision-makers in relevant organisations discussed the effects of global warming and how it is reflected with greatest intensity in the polar regions.

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