About the Consulate General in Edinburgh

Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Edinburgh is located at Rutland House, 12 Rutland Square in Edinburgh's west end district. Honorary Consul General is David Windmill and Consul is Mona Røhne. The Consul General’s consular districts are the City of Edinburgh, West Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders.

The Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate General in Edinburgh is situated at 12 Rutland Square.The Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate General in Edinburgh is situated at 12 Rutland Square.
Scotland is Norway's closest continental neighbour and parts of Norway are closer to Scotland than many places in the rest of the UK. The North Sea has not divided us through the years but has built a close relationship between the two countries. There are many similarities, such as the size of the population, geography and weather-conditions.

The purpose of the Consulate General is to encourage the growth of commercial and cultural relations between Scotland and Norway. Around a quarter of all Norwegian companies in the UK are based in Scotland. Norwegian industries include oil, gas, energy, aquaculture, fishing, timber, the building industry, tourism and technology. The Consulate General works in close cooperation with The Royal Norwegian Embassy in London, Innovation Norway, Scottish Enterprise, and Scottish Chamber of Commerce as a door-opener for Norwegian business interests and as a catalyst for Norwegian-Scottish business co-operation to develop projects which may increase the contact between Norwegian and Scottish business life. Main priorities are to focus on previously successful initiatives but also find new projects where there are common interests.

The Consulate General works to promote Norwegian culture in Scotland through events such as concerts, lectures, festivals and exchange visits. We work in close cooperation with Norwegian and Scottish partners such as culture festivals, institutions, arts venues, Scottish universities and academia as well as government offices and councils. We also work with the Scottish media covering Norway and Norwegian affairs in Scotland. We can provide written material such as brochures and posters about Norway, as well as books, videos and DVD for loan.

The Norwegian Consulate General also deals with consular and maritime affairs. We assist the Scottish Norwegian communities, Norwegian nationals and provide information about Norway and Norwegian-Scottish relations to Scottish authorities and to the general public.

There are approximately 500 Norwegian students in Scotland as many choose to come to this part of the UK for their higher education. Furthermore the Norwegian Seamen's Mission Travel Services has a base in Edinburgh, primarily to visit the large number of Norwegian vessels to Scottish ports. The Norwegian Maritime Directorate has established offices in Aberdeen through "Velferdstjenesten". There are also seven Norwegian-Scottish societies in Scotland.

David Windmill spent 18 years in the Scottish aquaculture industry working closely with Norwegian and other European colleagues to develop this fast growing business sector. His current role is Chief Executive of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, owners of Edinburgh Zoo. Part of this role is to ensure the safety and welfare of the Edinburgh Zoo penguin Sir Nils Olav, Commander in Chief of the Norwegian Royal Guard.

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate General
12 Rutland Square
Edinburgh EH1 2BB

Office hours: 09am-12pm and 1pm-4pm Monday to Friday
Please call in advance to book an appointment.

Tel: 0131 228 2444
Fax: 0131 228 1449
E-mail: norwayconsgen.edinburgh@gmail.com /  

Consul General: David Michael Windmill
Consul: Mona Røhne


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