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Unveiling of the Shetland Bus Memorial

In honour of the herioc men and women who took part in the wartime traffic between Norway and Shetland sixty years ago, a Memorial designed by David Cooper was unveiled on Saturday 21 June.

The Memorial is dedicated to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the very dangerous crossing between Shetland and Norway. The vessels were at first ordinary fishing boats, and then the much more suited US-made submarine chasers. Manned by Norwegian seafarers, they carried from Norway fugitives and people looking for a way to fight our common enemy. When returning, they brought agents, provisions and equipment to the resistance, and made daring attacks on coastal shipping and German warships.

Among the participating boats were,

"Hitra" crewed by 10 Norwegian Royal Navy soldiers and 9 civilians, amongst them Dagfinn Stenseth, our ambassador in Copenhagen.

"And°ya" which, due to the bad weather, took in water in the engine room and had to be assisted by the Coast Guard which liftet 5 of the crew to safety. The vessel managed to reach Lerwick Harbour on its own accord.

"Heland" also needed assistance when the oil supply to the engines
mal-functioned and was helped into the harbour by a tug-boat.

In the evening, male choir "Havdur" performed in the Town Hall.

Ministry of Fisheries Ludvigsen was giving a speech both in Scalloway Public Hall and in Scalloway Royal British Legion as the interest in the unveiling attracted so many people that the reception given after the ceremony had to be expanded into two assembly rooms.

In addition to the Minister of Fisheries, the Norwegian Government was represented by Ambassador Tarald Brauatset and Consul Grethe Knudsen. Hordaland County was represented by the Chairman of the County Council andthe Chairman of Sund Municipality.

There were also representatives for the Royal Norwegian Navy.



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