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New regulations for travellers to the United States of America
As from the 1st of October next year, everybody travelling to USA must have machine-readable passports, or they must apply for a visa. To obtain such a visa, a personal interview is required. People residing in Scotland can apply at the US Consulate General in Belfast, or at the US Embassy in London. More information can be obtained from:
http://unitedstatesvisas.gov, or http://www.usembassy.org.uk
Below please find the latest information the Norwegian authories have given as to Norwegian machine-readable passports:
* The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Edinburgh will shortly be able to accept applications for machine-readable passports. The processing time in Norway is expected to be approx. two weeks. In addition the time  to send the application to Norway and having the new passport returned, must be taken into consideration. 
* Applicants who have specific plans to travel to - or via - USA, will be given priority.
* Applicants, who do not have immediate travel plan to visit USA, will be able to have their present passport extended for up to three months after date of expiration in anticipation of issuance of a new machine-readable passport. A new handwritten passport can be also be issued according to existing rules and regulations. 


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