The High North

The High North is one of Norway’s most important strategic priority areas. The Government’s overall objective is to create sustainable growth and development in the area through more extensive international cooperation on the use of natural resources, environmental management and research. Read more >

The Norwegian Government aims to strengthen Norway’s sovereignty and ensure sustainable management of the rich fish and petroleum resources in the High North. We will protect the environment, maintain settlement and encourage industrial development in the region, in cooperation with Russia and other partners. The environment The High North is home to magnificent scenery and rich seas and the la... Read more >

Photo: Andrea Taurisano /Norsk Polarinstitutt

The High North is attracting increasing international attention, focusing particularly on energy and environment issues. The potential energy resources in the region and the fact that global climate change is most apparent in the Arctic are capturing widespread interest. Many of the challenges in the High North can only be addressed through international solutions and extensive cooperation with... Read more >