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Look at Norway...

...is a geography resource pack offered to all British schools at Key Stage 3 level or higher designed to match the national curriculum. At this site you can explore Norway's geography, climate, history, ecosystem, farming, energy resources and industry and Norway's close links to the United Kingdom...

Scholarships for the Academic Year 2003-2004

The Norwegian Government offers a pool of scholarships for advanced students and young researchers. The selection of candidates is carried out by the relevant scholarship authorities in the home country of the applicant. The selection process and the application deadline varies from country to country. More specific information can be obtained from...

The University Courses on Svalbard (UNIS) is a private foundation established by the Norwegian government and owned by Norway's four universities. The objective of the foundation is to offer university-level courses and to perform research relevant to Svalbard's geographical location in the high arctic. This location makes the archipelago an ideal location for both laboratory work, and the collection and analysis of data...

Space Camp at And°ya

Space Camp at And°ya Rocket Range was arranged for the first time in the summer of 1996. The Norwegian Association of Young Scientists initiated the idea of a summer camp with this specific subject. Today the camp is made possible by the joint efforts of And°ya Rocket Range AS and the National Centre of Space-Related Education...

CoScan Travel Award Scheme

The scheme was initiated in 1985, in the "International Year of Youth", and its aim is to help British young people who wish to visit a Scandinavian country. Anyone between the ages of 15 and 25, who is planning to undertake a worthwhile project of a broadly educational nature may apply for a grant from the Fund...

Learnig Norwegian

Norwegian belongs to the northern group of Germanic languages. It is very close to Swedish and Danish and is also related to English, Dutch and German. There are several ways of learning Norwegian in the UK, ranging from institutional language courses, books intended for teacher-based learning via courses for self-study, many of them...



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