Educational summer in Norway 2009

As an international student you can now spend  a month or two at a summer school or summer course in Norway. The University of Oslo runs its annual International Summer School from late June to early August, the University of Bergen Summer School is from 7th July to 1st August, and  BI The Norwegian School of Management offers a monthly International Summer Programme in late June to mid July. See below for more information.    


The International Summer School at the University of Oslo attracts some 600 students from more than 90 countries to Oslo every year. They all come to live and study on Norway for a few weeks at the height of the Scandinavian summer. With an average temperature in July of about 20C, summers in Oslo sometimes surprise visitors who expect it to be cooler. The Summer School is a great forum for not only learning about Norwegian culture and language but also for developing international knowledge and understanding and for promoting cross-cultural good-will.

International Summer School students are accommodated at Blindern, the main university campus 10 minutes from central Oslo. Blindern is situated on the sloping hills above town, just 20 minutes by suburban train from the forests and lakes of Nordmarka. The tuition fee including board and lodging is NOK 19,800 (NOK 6,300 for off-campus) with extra fees for some of the optional courses. A few scholarships are available, including two to UK applicants.

Application deadline for the Summer School is 1st February 2009. Applications received after this date from self-paying students will nevertheless be considered as long as there are still vacant places. 

Please note that the courses in Norwegian language are very popular and tend to be fully subscribed by the end of February. Other ISS courses are normally available to self-paying applicants until May/June.

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The University of Bergen runs an annual summer course for students reading Norwegian at universities abroad. It is therefore assumed that these students will have a certain knowledge of Norwegian already, and information about the course is published in Norwegian only.

7. juli - 1. august 2009 ved Universitetet i Bergen. Søknadsfrist: 1. mars 2009

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If you want to learn about Scandinavian business management, the Summer Programme at the Norwegian School of Management (BI) might be more to your taste.  International students are invited to spend three weeks of their summer holiday to prepare for future business relations with Norway.

“We teach them about Norwegian companies, the culture and the society. We provide lectures on Norwegian gender equality law for the privet sector as well as the student will be exposed to Norwegian films and arts. The purpose is to give them a complete experience of Norway”, says senior lecturer Sangeeta Singh to Dagens Næringsliv.

Sixty-six students from 21 different countries have chosen the Intercultural Management programme at the Norwegian School of Management to the beach. Three weeks in the capital is aiming at giving them a better understanding of the Norwegian business culture.

The students will meet with Norwegian companies, attend classes on Norwegian life and society, as well as learn about the Norwegian leadership model. Not to forget, explore the social life of Oslo.

“The school that I study at highlights the importance of globalisation and international perspectives. Scandinavia is to me completely foreign, and I want to learn more about these countries. We, the Chinese on this course, are likely to start working for Chinese companies that is aiming at global expansion. It is important for China to understand other cultures when it’s marketing it self abroad”, says Mej-Fai Yu, a Hong Kong student to Dagens Næringsliv.

The application deadline is 25 March 2009 See link on the right for more details.

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