Norway 1905-2005

Centennial Anniversary 1905-2005

In 2005 it will be a hundred years since the union between Norway and Sweden was dissolved by peaceful means. This also marks one hundred years of close ties with key partner countries and Norwegian participation in the international community.

The centennial anniversary will be celebrated in Norway, Sweden and abroad. Activities in Norway are being coordinated by Norway 2005 Ltd., a company established under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs specifically for this purpose.

According to Norway 2005 Ltd., the national centennial anniversary programme will consist of an extensive, wide-ranging programme that reflects the complexity of Norway, our mutual dependence and our interaction with the world around us. The centennial programme will provide an arena in which both private and public initiatives will be afforded local, national and international attention. The great variety of art and cultural programmes, public festivals, radio and television shows, historical projects and other activities will allow many new voices to be heard.

The international programme
The events of 1905 were set in motion by foreign policy developments and were borne along on the wave of a developing Norwegian identity and national consciousness. The centennial anniversary of the Norwegian Foreign Service will be commemorated with the opening of a permanent exhibit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the publication of a book on the history of the Norwegian Foreign Service, a documentary television series about Norway’s international relations and a series of conferences focused on current topics in international affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the international programme in connection with the centennial anniversary celebration. The programme is being organized within the framework of Norway’s foreign service missions and all their local partners, which helps to define the form of the individual projects and activities. In addition to the obvious focus on relations with Sweden, the international programme is concentrated on China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, the UK and the USA. Other activities in conjunction with the centennial anniversary will take place in many other countries as well, and a variety of countries are planning to conduct activities and projects in Norway.

The international programme for 2005 will incorporate three main themes: Norway – a partner in peace and development; Norway – a nation rich in resources; and Norway – a modern cultural and knowledge nation. These themes are highlighted within the context of the diversity, renewal and expertise that characterise Norway. The programme in each country is targeted towards specific groups, with children and young people among the groups being given special priority. The programme abroad is designed to enhance Norway’s visibility, update Norway’s image, celebrate 100 years of close ties with key partner countries and promote Norway as a deeply committed participant in the international community, both in 2005 and in years to come.

Internet information about the Centennial Anniversary Celebration
For information about events scheduled to take place in your country and the international programme as a whole, consult your local Norway Portal (this website). The website (in Norwegian and English) provides an overview of all centennial anniversary activities outside of Norway. You will also find more information about the background for the celebration, useful links, etc. For information about the celebration activities taking place in Norway, please visit

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June 2005 the new "Svinesund" bridge between Norway and Sweden will be openedPhoto: Scanpix