100% Norway 2006 is part of a greater project called Innovation Furniture, which aims to enhance the competitiveness of the Norwegian furniture manufacturers. The project is owned by The association of Norwegian Furniture Manufacturers in cooperation with Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Design Council, whereas The National Academy of the Arts in Bergen and Oslo have contributed with design knowledge. promotes Norwegian furniture on the domestic and the international markets. Exhibtions that show the best of Norweigan Furniture will be on tour around the world.

Norwegian furniture design is based upon the best of Skandinavian traditions, with focus on purity, functionality and ergonomy. At the same time the designers and manufacturers pay a great attention to innovation and design.
The Norwegian furniture industry was established far away from the supply of raw materials and the market. In the 1930s the industry started to work along with professional designers.

High salaries and a difficult infrastructure have made it hard to survive as a furniture manufacturer i Norway. Despite this, the industry has been able to differentiate and offer unique products to the customers. As much as 50 % of the furniture sold in Norway are made in Norway and it is not realistic to think that the market share is going to be higher than that, which put pressure on the manufacturers to focus upon new markets. Design and export will be increasingly important for the industry.

The industry itself has taken this initiative – called Innovation Furniture (Innovasjon Møbel - IM) to increase the competitive power of individual manufacturers and the industry as a whole. The design and export project is an important part of IM which are supported by Innovation Norway and owned and run by the Association of Norwegian Furniture Manufacturers. presents a selection of the best Norwegian designs. At least this is the opinion of the panel of designers, scholars and the industry itself. This broad panel has so far selected 63 different models for a pool – the exhibition is a selection of models from this pool. 
On the website you will find information and photos of the products that are exhibited, and of the rest of the products in the pool of 63. In addition you will find information about manufacturers, designers and activities. So far, the exhibition has been on show in Tokyo, Cologne, Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø.

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