For more than a thousand years Norwegian and British ships have been crossing paths on trade routes over the North Sea. A rich exchange of language, culture and traditions has continued ever since and Norway and the UK are today close political allies and trading partners.

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Saddle by Angell, Wyller & Aarseth

The 100% Norway exhibition has been one of the most exciting mainstays of the London Design Festival since 2003, showcasing the best of Norwegian furniture and product design to an international audience of professionals, aficionados and the public. Now they're back at TENT London with an exhibition curated by Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

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Vera & Kyte are among the many talented, Norwegian designers to look out for at the London Design Festival.

Strong visual wallpaper, non-conventional knit-wares and optical illusions. We cannot wait to see the fine works the bold, talented Norwegian designers present at the internationally acclaimed London Design Festival.

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Norwegian Ambassador to the UK Ms. Mona Juul. 
Photo: Siri Aronsen/MFA.

From September 1st 2014, Ms. Mona Juul replaces Mr. Kim Traavik as the Norwegian Ambassador to the UK.

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Committee Chair Ms. Haida Tajik. 
Photo: Norwegian Labour Party/Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On a two-day visit to London, the Norwegian Standing Committee on Justice will be in London to learn from the British experiences with the Police Reform, Emergency Services Coordination and Serious Crime.

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Home Secretary Theresa May

Britiske myndigheter hevet 29.8.2014 trusselnivået til "svært alvorlig". Det anbefales at man som en generell regel er oppmerksom overfor uvanlig aktivitet, men at man fortsetter å leve som normalt.

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All applicants must schedule an appointment in order to apply for a new passport. From 1 January 2014, all bookings must be made online. Due to high demand, more passport appointments have been made available. If you do change your appointment, please remember to cancel the old one.

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